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Liner Replacement

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In-Ground Vinyl Liners

       Is your liner dull and faded, tearing along the border or are you just ready to revive you pool back to life, let Superior Pool and Spas provided a free onsite estimate. Superior Pool and Spas will look at your pool and see what is needed and provide you an estimate that you and your family will consider fair and reasonable. For over 40 years Superior Pool and Spas has provided quality and reliable service that keeps our customers coming back. Along with our estimate for replacing your liner we will provide you any additional repairs that we may see that you need. When we quote you a price we stick with that price and work towards getting our job done in a timely manner.

      Superior Pool and Spas main priority when renovating your pool is to get in and out as quick as possible and provide our customers with the best materials and service as possible. We can provide a turn key solution for a simple liner replacement or a more complicated complete renovation, new coping, adding stairs, new concrete deck, installing a new pool base bottom and more. We will do our best to make our time there as fast as possible so you as a homeowner do not lose to much precious swimming time. 

       When you are planning to revitalize your pool please contact us and let us provide a free onsite estimate. Superior Pool and Spas looks forward in working with you and providing you and your family the best service available.

*Liner Installation generally includes -

Draining of pool water

Removal of Liner

Clean walls - repair and protect and damaged areas - apply foam to steel walls / protective paint in damaged areas

Sand bottom - Rework sand bottom

All new face plates and gaskets - Includes Skimmer, returns and Drain (per new code) 

Hard Bottom - Clean, patch and repair all areas needed

Set Liner

Start up

 Water can be Scheduled for delivery 

 Link to In Ground Pool Liners:

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